Attorney Roger S. Elkind, Esq.


Attorney Roger S. Elkind, Esq.


Words can not describe how fortunate I was to retain ROGER ELKIND as my attorney. As bizarre as my case was, he was able to put his years of EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE to work. I live in Miami, FL  and my case was out of Stuart, FL. He tackled my case against ALL ODDS, traveled to Stuart several times WITH ME and kept me apprised every step of the way. His way of maneuverability through the case was SECOND TO NONE. My initial  charges were Dropped and downgraded to reckless driving. Believe me when I tell you , I was against all odds and ATTORNEY ROGER ELKIND PROVED HIS REPUTATION…SECOND TO NONE.

Roger Torres


Roger S. Elkind is an amazing attorney. He is very professional and has a great sense of humor. I felt very comfortable dealing with him and I trust his advisement and legal experience. He worked very hard on my DUI case and was able to accomplish what seemed impossible. Great work ethic, great attorney!

Alex St. Fleur


Before I found Rodger, I had scoured through numerous sources and read countless reviews on the internet to see what attorney I wanted to represent me. I called a few law firms to see what each lawyer had to say about my case. My first priority was to schedule a 10-day DMV hearing to fight for my license. Out of all the law firms I called that day, Rodger was the ONLY attorney to really explain my situation and the consequences. He was the ONLY lawyer who really wanted to fight for my license! In the end, he won the DMV hearing and I received my license back! That alone, was a great victory for me and sealed the deal – he was definitely the PERFECT attorney for me.
After much preparation and strategy, Rodger reduced my DUI charge to a Reckless driving charge, which afforded me the opportunity to start my new chapter in my life. For those who read reviews for different services to make your decision, consider this review and look no further. Rodger is certainly the attorney for you because he is willing to take a chance and fight!

Manny Arimendi


Very experienced and helpful, Roger has been my Attorney for many cases and I’ve had nothing but great service. As a criminal or Traffic Lawyer he has great rates and is flexible with payments. I would highly recommend him and I do to all my family and friends as well.

John Doe


I have retained Roger Elkind several times and have been very pleased with the results. I consider him to be an expert attorney and recommend him.

Maria R.


First I want to apologize to Mr. Roger Elkind for not getting this well deserved 5 Star Review to him sooner.

Albert Quirantes is lawyer that I hired for my case. His staff is very professional, he himself was very up front and forthcoming as it regards my case and situation. Angie was extremely kind, helpful and informative as well.

Mr. Elkind and Mr. Quirantes obviously work together on certain cases, my point is the day of my sentencing was the first time I met Mr. Elkind. The first thing that stood out to me was that I immediately arrived at the impression that he was going to fight for me. Trust me; my case and situation was an uphill battle but Mr. Elkind made it look easy. Mr. Elkind truly performed above and beyond for me. And it was more than appreciated.

William Mckeown


Used Roger like 20 years ago when I was a dumb kid and got myself in trouble.  He was very helpful and understanding and got me out of a big mess.Id recommend him to anyone

Randy Garcia


I’ve known Mr. Elkind over 20 years !! I’ve used his services for small and large legal actions, he does the best for my money be it a felony case or a speedin ticket , I would refer him to anybody that needs a good lawyer ! very aggressive in the courtroom , is what I liked to see for my money !! do not be fooled by imitation lawyers, roger is the best thing for your situation !!!!!

John Doe


This lawyer is very friendly explains everything with luxury and detail. Also pending everything until your case is resolved. Always responds full time concerns.

Tamy M.


Great Experience. Very Talented Lawyer and Very Very Thorough. Thanks again Roger!



Roger Elkind has been a kind of inspiration source for me! I think that this guy who is a very serious DUI lawyer in Miami after saving my life because my case was extremely difficult and hard for him and for me, my mistake was hard to get forgiven…Well, he is an inspiration source for me because through my experience, he showed me that when a human being is focused on doing good things, he or she does not have to be worried about the rest, good actions bring good consequences, and the rest are just obstacles to control!



Roger Elkind has been a nice and interesting lawyer in different cases in Miami. He could say that it’s reliable and responsible enough to start a case with him but I am not entirely sure since I have seen just some cases where people make the huge mistake to drive after drinking, then, those people hire a DUI lawyer and expect to be released of being punished…Now, I don’t drink so how can I see this lawyer close? I have to wait till someone from my home make that insulting mistake!



Well, after reading your experience, I realized you lived the same I did. If it weren’t for this DUI lawyer, I would not know how to get my life back when it went to the bottom of the sea and no hope was around. When I meet this lawyer, I did not know how everything was going to turn out but at the end this lawyer showed his potential and professional knowledge! I admire him as I love myself now, I promised my family this situation would not happen again!



Every time I hear DUI cases in Miami, I immediately linked the information with Roger Elkind, the best DUI lawyer in Miami. Well, this is my opinion about him because I have seen him acting in the court and I could see that he is what USA needs! Loyalty with his country, love for his patriots, respect to the laws and community! Anybody shouldn’t drink when driving!



One I was driving my car and i was stopped by the police. I had drunk just one beer and one glass of wine and I was accused for DUI. The DUI attorney Roger helped me to defend my position by showing the court that the breath test wasn’t certificated of calibration and monthly. After some time I got my cv free of these accusations.



I was looking for a DUI lawyer and I got myself into a bad situation, so i went online to read reviews about the different lawyers that specialize in DUI cases. After reading reviews and asking around i decided to call Mr. Elkind and it was the best decision I have made regarding my DUI. From the moment i spoke with Mr. Elkind i realized that i had found the right individual. I put my trust and future in the hands of Mr. Elkind and it was worth it. I had great advice from him and when he tells you to trust him, trust him because he is 100% right, listen to him! Thanks to him i have a second chance at doing the right thing!



Roger Elkind was the right DUI lawyer! I knew it when I met him and I saw how he was going to work with me and I could trust him easily. Unfortunately I made mistakes but at the same time being a DUI defendant is a way to show other people what they should not do. I wanted to thank Roger Elkind with this review! You can imagine how my life has changed!



Every time I hear this DUI lawyer’s name, I am sure the defendant will have his or her freedom very soon. This lawyer really has the necessary skills and things to get people conscious about the strong and difficult consequences of driving after drinking alcohol. I am completely sure that if someone dares to say something negative is because that person did not deserve to be defended!



Good aggressive defense lawyer – reasonably priced – answers calls all day – would use again.



I hate people who take advantage of their skills to manipulate other, therefore DUI consequences are making me crazy! I don’t like to hear people who are guilty trying to defend themselves when they know they were drunk and now they just want to be free. Thanks God Miami has this DUI attorney Roger Elkind, he has helped American people to be honest and be in charge of their responsibilities. Thumbs up!



When it’s about excluding the breath test in cases when people are force to do it and no implications are serious or without evidence, this lawyer knows what to do! And I say it because my nephew was a victim of it!



Roger Elkind is a wonderful DUI lawyer in Miami! This guy saved me from the worst things that could happen to me after a huge mistake that my family has not been able to forget. I have been very ashamed with them because i never meant what i did but unfortunately things happen and i had to look for a DUI lawyer that could give me my life back and let me continue with it. So, as soon as i knew about him, i called him and he was in charge of my case! My case was dismissed and i got a lesson of life! Thanks Roger!



If lawyers like Roger Elkind were in tons, then, people would not do silly actions like driving after drinking! Isn’t right? I have always think that people who are good are few and this DUI lawyer is an example of that kind of professional that was not born in big quantities! I really admire this guy!



How can your son crash you car again? It’s unbelievable that people can become so unaware of their actions but it’s true what you lived with your son, this DUI lawyer is incredibly good and reliable! In my experience, I could also win and I was surprised with his performance. He is very intelligent and prepared to face any kind of cases no matter when, where or who, he shows his love for his job and save people’s lives! I do like him a lot!



almost got crazy when I had to face those problems that were consequences from my son’s misbehaviors! He was drinking and, ‘cause he is an irresponsible man, he took his car and started driving. The police stopped him and arrested. Then, he called me and I had to look for a lawyer who could help me to take him out of the police station. At the beginning I did not know who I could trust to, but I was lucky to know that Miami has one of the best DUI lawyers! …Then, I called and I told Sir Roger about my son’s case and he started to study all the motions to see how to he could save my boy. After some time, we went to the court and he defended my boy because there were some things the police was not careful with. Then, the police didn’t have anything else to say and my boy got his freedom and psychological punishment. …When I arrived home with my son, let him know how pissed off I was! He has to understand that every action has a consequence, no matter how and where the action was, consequences have to be faced!. He listened to me and he promised me he was not going to drink after drinking. And a year after, my boy got crashed again! That case I let him try to defend himself. I don’t understand why irresponsible people have cars!!! Thank you Sir Roger!!



Being a DUI lawyer is a hard job to have! I think that it’s difficult to defend people who in most of cases are guilty for their irresponsibility but there also are some others who did not have any intentions and were accused or arrested…In my case, I was not doing anything wrong and when I was stopped by the police, I got off my car and I just found difficult to keep standing up for few seconds…Well, thanks to Roger Elkind, the most extraordinary DUI lawyer in Miami that I could have met in my life, I am alive and free! I learnt my lesson but at the same time, the police learnt too!



You are entirely right!!! If someone dares to say something negative about this DUI lawyer is because that person did not deserve to be defended! I like this DUI lawyer and I really think he is so good that no one be compared!



Great criminal lawyer. I hired him for my Impaired Driving charge in Miami and after several court dates he got the judge to throw the case out completely.



No matter how times I see or hear about crimes and DUI situations, I know that Roger Elkind will go and fix everything up! He has shown my neighborhood the different ways to defend someone with a very nice ability to see opportunities where normally we don’t find anything. I am proud to have him in Miami with us!



I have never seen a better and more intelligent DUI lawyer in Florida! My brother was accused for DUI and he did not drink anything but he was very tired from the office, then the police arrested him because of his face and his inability to walk straight. Then this DUI lawyer clarified the situation and he could return to his office normally. Thanks



Some people can blame police or blame the law, but the only thing that is true is that American people don’t like to have crimes without being solved, therefore one of the DUI attorneys that according to my experience and personal opinion is a very serious and adequate person to defend people when unfair things happen.



DUI is a very common problem among young people and inconsiderate or immature adults. Therefore I have to say that I cannot congratulate this attorney in his job since he is forgetting the big issue behind letting a drunk walking on the streets! I can’t accept that!



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